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About Us

We started Med Water Systems after seeing that rural American labs and hospitals were neglected in the level of service they received from major water suppliers.

In addition, we saw that most facilities are also overcharged for their water systems and service. 

We are committed to bringing excellent service to rural and metropolitan areas alike, anywhere in the US. With this philosophy in mind, we developed a water system more reliable than anything else on the market, and assembled a nationwide service team that prides itself in rapid response times, and upholds a goal to never leave one of our customers offline. 

At Med Water Systems we focus on controlling water costs, allowing our customers to stay within their budget. We believe pure water doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive.

This core belief has allowed us to service water systems for some of the most respected hospital networks in the USA. Our customers know each of their locations will receive the same level of dedicated service. Whether big or small, metropolitan or rural, Med Water Systems delivers simplicity, service, and savings.