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Pure Water Series

Does Size REALLY matter?

Does Size REALLY Matter?

Part of the Pure Water Series

MedcWatercSystems VP of Sales

By Del Satterthwaite

VP of Sales

Med Water Systems


Does size REALLY matter has been a question for a long time. In real estate bigger is usually better. We are all in awe of big luxurious houses or big and innovative buildings.

Small Lab Water System Object Lesson

In technology smaller is usually better. This is a picture of one of the early mobile phones. (yes, I had this phone) They were large about 8 inches long and about 2 inches wide and about 3 inches deep. They usually had a cradle in your car so you could use them when driving and they had adapters that would hook into the sound system for hands free driving. You’d attach the microphone to the visor and hope it was in the right spot so you could be heard. They plugged into the cigarette lighter because they were serious power hogs. There is a reason they called them bricks.

Contrast this to today’s technology which not only has phone capabilities but also includes a camera, a calculator, calendars and reminders, a personal assistance and a ton of other apps – and all that easily fits in the pocket of your best jeans and runs for a whole day on a charge. Definitely smaller is better with this technology.

The Importance of size for Lab Environments

Hospital and other clinical labs are known for tight working quarters with equipment stacked from end to end. It can be anchored to walls, on top of counters and under shelves. And just when it seems that everything is in it’s place, it’s time to replace the analyzers and water systems and you’re looking at the Tetris project of moving everything to fit the new analyzer and water systems. In a lot of cases this involves moving tables, clearing counter space, repositioning other equipment, and in some cases a complete construction project – moving walls and rerouting water lines to make room for the new analyzers and the accompanying water systems.

Med Water Systems Solution

At Med Water system we believe Pure Water doesn’t need to be difficult. We provide ultra pure water systems that are compatible with all analyzers no matter the size, whether they are from Abbott, Beckman, Roche or Siemens.


The MW series of water systems has the smallest footprint in the industry. Our systems fit in a 2 foot by 2 foot area, which is about ½ the size of other water solutions. Much less than that for large water needs.

We provide an on-demand solution so there are no huge tanks or large filter systems with our solutions. This picture is from a system that we replaced for a customer in the Northeast. This is the system that was there when we arrived on site. As you can see there are multiple tanks and filters all put together via a complex layout of pipes and connectors.

Massive Medical Lab Water System
Med Water System Install


Here is a picture of the same area after the install of the Med Water Systems. This picture is much closer to the equipment. The white circle in front of the first system is a mark left by that far tank by the chair.

This is a fully redundant water system that includes three MW120 water systems each with a 100L back up tank. Each system is capable of producing 120 Liters per hour of the highest quality pure water available.

So “Does Size REALLY matter?” In hospitals and labs, smaller is definitely better. When you’re trying to be as cost effective as possible in laying out your lab and you want to minimize construction hassles and cost, YES size REALLY does matter.

If you have questions about how Med Water Systems can help in your lab, please email – or call me at 801-450-2744.


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