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Pure Water Series

The Magical Mystery Tour

The Magical Mystery Tour

Part of the Pure Water Series

MedcWatercSystems VP of Sales

By Del Satterthwaite

VP of Sales

Med Water Systems


The Magical Mystery Tour was an album (think vinyl for the younger generation) that was released by the Beatles in 1967. It included several great songs although some were a little out there – “I am the Walrus” is a good example of that. It also included a song “Fool on the Hill” about a solitary person on a hill who is not understood by others, he was different/unique but wise. What does that have to do with pure water system as sold and serviced by Med Water Systems?

State of the Industry around services

The service model for the major players in the pure water industry works on the premise that local representation is required to have good service for the equipment. They provide a 24-hour phone number to schedule service so you can instantly get your issue on the service technician’s schedule. The service technician then schedules you into his schedule so he can come and diagnose the problem and fix it if he has the parts. The thought is, the closer the service technician is to the equipment, the better the service. From a financial perspective the proximity of the service technician to the equipment saves the manufacturer money assuming there is enough equipment in the area that needs service. With this model of service, savvy hospitals and labs ask questions like:

  • Where is your nearest technician located?
  • How long will it take them to get here if we have a problem?
  • How many accounts do they have?
  • Will my account be a priority for this technician?
  • The service contract says 24-hour response, but what is the actual service response time?

At Med Water System we believe that these questions skirt around the real issue but are not exactly on point for a definitive discussion on service. We believe better questions are:

  • What is the uptime of your equipment?
  • How quickly can my problem be resolved?
  • What is the average time to resolve an issue with the equipment?
  • What is the worst-case scenario when it comes to problem resolution?

Med Water Systems Solutions

At Med Water Systems we believe that Pure Water doesn’t need to be difficult, and neither does the service. We address the service model in a unique way that no other water supplier employs.

We address service issues and uptime from 3 different angles that allow us to have the best service in the industry as measured by Mean Time to Resolution.

  1. The Med Water equipment is our own innovative design that was built to be extremely resilient and very serviceable. It is built to maximize uptime.
  2. Like others we provide a 24-hour service line. What is unique about our service line is that we actually troubleshoot and resolve issues over the phone. In fact, we resolve 85-90% of reported issues over the phone. No need to send a technician onsite in those cases.
  3. If we cannot resolve the problem over the phone, we dispatch a service technician to resolve the issue. Through the 24-hour service line we diagnose the problem so we are set for a OVF (One Visit Fix). We ensure that the technician arrives with parts in hand to resolve the issue. The service technicians are part of a national pool that cover the entire country. They are ready to go anywhere to resolve issues. The technician is onsite within 24- hours and the equipment is returned to full functionality.
Water Purification System Repair


Similar to the title “The Magical Mystery Tour” our service offering may initially be thought of as different or “magical”. When it is really analyzed, Med Water Systems provides the best service in the industry with our unique pooled service approach. If you have questions about how Med Water System can provide a better solution for your lab, please contact – or at 801-529-6705 ext. 3.


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